Obesity weight for your height is higher than the healthy one, which is not the same as being overweight. Overweight individuals, excess weight, high bone density, body structure, or may be caused by excess body fat.

What is morbidly obese? Morbid obesity Body Mass Index (BMI) is diagnosed with determination. BMI is a ratio of the height of its own weight, is defined with an individual. Normal BMI ranges between 20-25.Look at the rear panel of the BMI. He/it is 100 pounds over ideal body weight is considered morbidly obese individuals, another 40 or more, or 35 or more BMI and lives like high blood pressure or diabetes associated with the question of what is morbidly obese.

What are the reasons of morbid obesity?

Excess body fat is a threat to public health, morbid obesity. When you eat, your body muscles and tissues consume calories of energy stores. Obesity and morbid obesity are stored in the body as a result of too much oil.

Many behavioral factors of eating habits and daily activity level plays a role in obesity, including. Many people improve their eating habits as children, and to maintain appropriate body weight problems as they age have refined them as an adult, business, inactive and exercise, meal planning and physical activity might have less time for.

Morbid obesity as well as basic physical functions as an answer of what is morbidly obese such as breathing or walking can prevent a serious health problem. Morbidly obese ones are diabetes, gallstones, osteoarthritis, heart disease and cancer also are at increased risk for diseases, including large.

Stress, anxiety, and other factors such as lack of sleep, can lead to gain weight. Quit smoking, people often experience temporary weight gain. Women are also problems during pregnancy may have additional weight gain or during menopause. These are rarely themselves by obesity morbid way, but may be a factor. 

What is Morbidly Obese