Weight loss operations are divided into three categories.

1. Restrictive procedures to limit the amount of food intake to reduce the stomach.

2. Absorb fewer calories than the body, malabsorbtif techniques so that you come in contact with food reduces the amount of the intestine.

3. The employment restriction and malabsorption and Combination operations.

These procedures are less common. There are two ways in which they promote in the qualification of weight loss surgeons.They are as reduce the amount of food you can eat. The food into the esophagus enters the stomach, creating a small pouch at the top of the stomach to shrink. This makes it impossible for you every much. At first, the pouch holds about 1 ounce of food only. This expands to keep 2-3 ounces over time.

• Food your stomach will be empty speed Slow. Fare rises lower outlet diameter is approximately 1/4 inch. Because it is so small, the food is slow and I feel complete now.

Adjustable Gastric Band, gastric banding-or-is a Restrictive Procedure with the help of weight loss surgeons special material is placed around the upper stomach, end of the tape. This is the rest of it into a small pouch and narrow passages.

Gastric bypass operations are combined operations. They combine both restrictive and malabsorbtif techniques. Through comparison of procedures, patients are usually restrictive method compared with more successful gastric bypass operations.

Risks both restrictive and is similar to that of gastric bypass operations. Iron, calcium and Vitamin nutritional deficiencies in patients with gastric bypass operations, except, of course, the risk of higher B12-. In addition, there is a risk of leakage of the intestinal tract. Gastric bypass operations by weight loss surgeons "dumping syndrome." Foods that can cause moves very quickly from the small intestine. This nausea, weakness, sweating, syncope, and sometimes causes diarrhea.

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I got scars from surgery and stretch marks. What is good to get rid of them?


I've bought the oils, vitamin e, and mederma. Nothing eliminates them, and frankly even had an impact. Only time fades them.


Honestly I had a TT and used everything under the sun for my surgery scars etc.. only thing that faded mine was Palmers coco butter cream for stretch marks have my 2 month results (can't post cause nudity) but I can show u if u want... it's pretty much non existent now doesn't look like I had any surgery.. silo cone doesn't work

How long have you use coco butter?

honestly since about 7-9 months after surgery (TT).. i stoped once it was faded but use every once in awhle.. so about 2 months to see results morning and night and after a shower

Do you have before and after pics I didn't think coco butter would work

After excuse the belly I'm 20wks pregnant my tt scar

Here's 2 months before

I'll have to get it thrn

Use every morning and night and after a shower... u will see results in about 2 months but fading before

My doctor has just told me to start using bio oil on my stomach and tops of arms and legs to help my skin elasticity, I'm not sure if that may help the stretch marks aswell

I'm sure they won't go completely away. Covered up scars is better than a ugly big belly and health issues

here's the best picture I can take!!! I'm 20 weeks prwgnant so excuse the puffy belly!!! Lol I'll find before I started the palmers...

Here's 2 months before using it... I'll try to find more but had to crop out most lol.. my breast is what shows it I have NO noticeable scars!!! Can't tell I had work done!

Bag balm...really. or Body Shop Vitamin E body butter.

You won't....put some coconut oil on it, it will at least help fade them a little....

Pure vitamin E oil.