Morbid obesity and Obesity can only be controlled by diet or exercise programs are not diseases that can be taken. Morbid obesity with diet and exercise to control weight, which can be reached with a given weight, even if the protection is very difficult. Bariatric Surgery, diet and exercise programs for the treatment of morbid obesity is not the most enduring, one of the most effective and quick weight loss is obesity treatment option that performs. Patients with treating obesity through Bariatric Surgery, diet and habits, that's different.

Because of morbid obesity patients living in the sense of continuous and excessive hunger, difficulty to adapt to their diet and exercise program. Bariatric Surgery, patients with morbid obesity this hunger-satiety habits will change from start to finish. The problems in their lives due to morbid treating obesity withpatients who had Bariatric Surgery cures that have been applied to the active and permanent weight loss and provide it with long-term persistence have been accepted by all over the world in the treatment of patients with obesity and widely applied to a method.Obesity disease, or morbid obesity in patients ' social and private lives are restricted. This medical condition causes the body to lose getting their health.

Morbid obesity in relation to the first diabetes (type 2 Diabetes), including a large number of health problems and disease. High blood pressure, heart and vascular diseases, high cholesterol, snoring and sleep apnea (Sleep-Apnea), bone and joint disorders, osteoporosis, acid reflux, morbid obesity, together with the disease commonly seen as important health issues. Morbid treating obesity isinsulin resistance and diabetes. This also leads to heart attacks that can result in death and cardiovascular problems is the most important reason. Fatal heart attacks occur because of their morbid obesity and diabetes is known as metabolic syndrome, which increases situations wholesale. The most effective control is in the treatment of metabolic syndrome, obesity surgery.

The World Health Organization, exceeding 35 kg of body mass index in patients with common illnesses, obesity, or a case of Obesity have more than as the most effective treatment method. Again, the World Health Organization, body mass index (BMI) so IBM 40 kilogram last patients have no symptoms, even Morbid Obesity Bariatric Surgery is the most effective treatment method. Therefore, obesity surgery is recommended.

Treating Obesity