Weight loss surgery (Bariatric Surgery) is one of an increasingly common method today and over the long term weight loss surgery results are usually those taken with conventional method is significantly better. In addition, obesity weight loss surgery is one of the most important benefits include a reduction in illness and attached with obesity can be detected levels rise in the quality of life. This article in the first place, surgery options and operations data, weight loss surgery, complications, surgery criteria including contraindications, postoperative management preparation, weight loss surgery, postoperative follow-up and follow basic health care on such issues can be obtained from a few sources I'd like to present to your attention to compiled file.

Gastric bypass is the most common implemented operation for obesity weight loss surgery. Body mass index (BMI) of 40 kg/m2 is greater from patients and obesity-related diseases are the ones who can be thought of as a treatment option for surgery. The surgery also, obesity is associated with more than one related disease or just if you have severe diabetes, BMI 35-40 kg/m2arasında should be considered for those patients.

Weight Loss Surgery Effects

For a person without obesity weight loss surgery, although it is possible an equal amount of weight loss in the long run considering weight loss weight loss surgery is more effective than conventional methods of significantly. The resulting weight loss surgery death rate decreases in small amounts.  The vast majority of patients with diabetes of blood glucose values of the weight loss on a normalized impact and had surgery patients, the control group at the same weight when compared to only a small section of new cases of diabetes are diagnosed. Weight loss surgery after weight loss 50% of cases have to normalize lipid values, sleep apnea cure, since the reduction of asthma drugs and antihypertensive in the mood.

Obesity Weight Loss Surgery

Questions and Answers about Obesity Weight Loss Surgery


My parents and boyfriend, whom I live with are not really supporting me. With that I mean they said they will change their eating habits and not eat junk around me but they haven't. I really feel like packing my shit and just living in my car. Am I wrong to feel like this. My stomach literally is in knots right now from being so mad and disappointed on them for believing them.


You can't control anyone but yourself. People are going to eat, drink and do whatever. You have to be strong and make the right choices for you.

It might be hard to hear but this is our journey. It would be easier if our family would support us by not eating or having the food around but in the end it's up to us. Maybe by being an example, they may turn around

My family eats and drinks what they want..I chose this and don't expect them to change their habits...but that's just me..they do support with what I eat

I eat the protein and veggies and leave potatoes, rice and potatoes. I have some frozen "legal" meals on hand for the times when they have things that I can't eat. In the beginning it was hard to get in sync with what they were eating but after a while I was fine with it.

This is your choice, your body, your decision. Expecting them to change because of your choice is an unfair expectation, IMO.

I have the same problem came home from hospital my mom made sauce n pasta sat on bed next to me I was dying...

Okay so that is just wrong

in there can't worry about anyone but you. My family eats everything lol and sometimes I want to join them but then I look at my old pics and tell myself you don't ever want to go back there!

this is your journey not theirs. Life will have temptations all around you. I cook a different meal for me all the time. My kids still like bread, rice pizza and pasta and I still cook it for them. I still bake for them, it is hard to resist but I know this is my new healthy life and I can't do it. I am happier with my new body and how if feels without all of that processed food and all of the weight. Keep focused on your goal!

I agree with Dani Lynn, I don't expect anyone to change due to my surgery. When I go out to lunch with people they eat all kinds of junk and I had this surgery to be healthy and I have to control myself. I don't expect my daughter and husband to eat what I do. I cook them something different and for myself. It is hard but you had this surgery to be healthy. so you have to get use to the temptations and say no.

I have found I don't really crave the junk anymore and I eat what my family is having, just protein first then a few bites of veggies.

This journey isn't easy but it's so worth it. I craved junk a lot when I first started now I'm a year out and my body actually CRAVES protein. Just hang in there

It's very frustrating and some support would be nice, but you can't expect them to change their eating habits to suit you. If you are in charge of cooking, cook what you need and if they don't like it they can fend for themselves

You can't aspect everyone to change what they eat because of your food issues...sorry if that sounds harsh but my man and son have ice cream,chips,cookies in the house thats their stuff but I have my healthier treats...

They can support your journey but they don't have to change their eating habits because of you.

This isn't their journey it's yours. I never made anyone change their eating habits based on a decision I made

I'm sorry you are feeling unsupported. With that being said, we made the decision to have surgery, our friends and family did not. While it would be nice if they adopted our eating style, we shouldn't really expect them to. Have you tried dividing up the cooking schedule? When it's your turn to cook you can cook bari friendly foods which can be adapted for non bari folks.

I do all the cooking in my house and that helps me I never liked to eat after I cooked so that always helps but just do you they will come around

It is no ones responsibility to change their ways but your own... You decided to make a change but that doesn't mean everyone around you will do the same... As difficult as it may be it has to be ALL in YOU to stick to it whether or not they do!!!

Hang in there. Because the same happen to me.you will get stronger.

My family eats what they want and I didn't expect them to change. I choose to do this not them