The most common and dangerous disease is one of the extreme weight gain (obesity) can only be brought by the aesthetic problems of excessive weight gain, but also affects other organs of the body and causes serious disturbances in all. Obesity, especially cardiac and vascular systems, including diabetes, high blood pressure is also a lot to cause ailments such as cancer type, plays the role of a trigger. This is how serious and even fatal diseases are known to. Recently become quite common obesity surgery methods, more precisely counted illnesses and get rid of it, and no other side effects caused by obesity.

Obesity surgery method, among the people part of the stomach and intestine parts of is known as the disabled. This information is missing, even if partially true. The reason for this is that this type of surgical procedure is effective on most of the stomach. Since the first day, gastric banding, gastric band, gastric balloon, stomach tube, experimented with many different methods such as vertical. Today, gastric banding and vertical gastric band methods such as now implemented. The most common method is known as sleeve gastrectomy obesity surgery of the stomach tube. In addition, the active weight loss extends for up to 20 years and one of the most effective methods is known as scopinaro surgery and there are methods such as switch operation take. Although the most effective weight loss methods that are effective, though, in the case of morbid obesity and obesity surgery practices, diet, sports, various treatment methods have failed to apply the latest methods as patients.

After the Process of Obesity Surgery

As with all kinds of medical practice after obesity surgery, methods of treating obesity and then, followed the advice of the doctor, the patients live a regular life, exercise and diet programs will be a success, thanks to the operation and patients want to weight ratio, it will clock down. However, the above mentioned conditions, only to live, but also the loss of weight loss is very important in terms of protection.

Obesity Surgery