Bariatric Surgery (obesity surgery) is an increasingly common method is one of the results of Bariatric Surgery in the long term and usually those taken with conventional method are significantly better. In addition, bariatric surgery is one of the most important benefits include a reduction in illness and attached with obesity can be detected levels rise in the quality of life. This article in the first place, surgery options and operations data, bariatric surgery, complications, surgery criteria including contraindications, postoperative management, in preparation for surgery.

Gastric bypass is the most common implemented operation for weight loss. Body mass index (BMI) of 40 kg/m2 is greater from patients and obesity-related diseases are the ones who can be thought of as a treatment option for surgery. The obesity surgeries also, obesity is associated with more than one related disease or just if you have severe diabetes.

Surgery options

Gastric bypass

Gastric bypass bariatric obesity surgeriesprocedure in another procedure or in the first reasons for selecting option. Almost all of the stomach, duodenum and proximal small intestine are approximately 1 m bypass. The top of the stomach to eat by the small intestine are mixed with bile and pancreatic duct water communal part of the intestine.

A Laparoscopic gastric bypass procedure is resumed and the surgery takes approximately 1.5 hours for an experienced surgeon. Regular endoscopic procedures or AP comparison studies or gastric, duodenal, or biliary or pancreatic path display cannot be made after the surgery. Gastric bypass obesity surgeries are irreversible and the normal Anatomy of the upper digestive system it is not possible to reconfigure.

Gastric Band

Inflatable liquid contains a silicone band (about the width of a finger) is placed around the upper portion of the stomach. On the tape, an injection that was inserted into the abdominal space wall channel has a connection tube (reservoir). Reduce the liquid in the reservoir of the Ribbon's firmness can be adjusted with the increase. The stomach into other surgical options in the long run, the resulting weight loss is very low.

Obesity Surgeries