Obesity surgery after deciding to find the appropriate surgeon is one of the most vital decisions. In this article, you should be aware of about this list and you will be given tips to help you decide.

Surgeon Certification

Bariatric Surgery, surgery of the evolving and changing almost every day, is one of the branches of contemporary and dynamic. As part of the education is an experience of every surgery for obesity surgeon training. Viewing obesity surgery experts, with their efforts after a long training process that starts to operate.  Therefore, we can go ahead just a consistent and constant work in the field of Bariatric Surgery, it is important to be known by people in the field of Bariatric Surgery.

Surgery Success Rates

When you think becoming of an obesity surgery, you must search obesity surgeon surgical history. Which is how successful procedures or evaluate patients ' problems is what intensity. Of course, it is natural that each surgeon complications, but it should not exceed the scientific standards. The information in this topic is the best he's had surgery before patients are in reference to the surgeon and support forums.

Laparoscopic Passing Dominance

Interested in advanced laparoscopic surgeon you choose must be dominated by technical. Experience of laparoscopic surgeries and stay away from non-sufficient number of cases surgeons. Laparoscopic gastric bypass for open-the gold standard-grade yet unascertained, the choice, though, should be preferred method for Laparoscopic gastric band is definitely. And remember, it's not in the true sense of the small scar laparoscopy (SWT) just by entering the millimeter incisions, special tools are the name given to the operation performed. Gastric bypass and laparoscopic surgery for the complication has been proven to reduce the rate.

Post-operative Care

Obesity surgeon bariatric surgery should be dedicated to the care of patients with post. Obesity Surgery maybe the most important part is not the only indicator of success, although it is. Knowledge and experience that can be experienced after the surgery mishaps owner, you can reach when you need it and when you choose a surgeon as well as at any moment. Follow good and after Bariatric Surgery guidelines adhered to successful weight loss is the most important factor. In addition, the surgeon's nutrition, psychological support, as well as other disciplines, it is important to be able to offer you the facilities. Talk to your doctor and these details prior to surgery to offer support, keep in mind that the size of the learning.

Obesity Surgeon

Questions and Answers abour obesity surgeon


Anyone have thyroid issues? I had my second dietician appointment last month on the 21st and I only lost two pounds. Did that happen to anyone else? Pre op.


I had my thyroid removed in 2009 and that is one of the biggest reasons I put on so much weight and am having this surgery. I had a hard time losing weight each month when I checked in with my nutritionist, about 2-3 lbs a month. She said that was pretty normal. She also said loses after surgery may be a little slower, so not to get discouraged about it. If you're on thyroid meds, be sure to take them religiously. Good luck!

Yes I have thyroid problems I done had surgery and I'm not losing as fast as others

I have hypothyroid & take synthroid daily. HW 242, SW 226, CW 193.4. GW 140. Surgery was 7/26/16

I have hypothyroidism. Before surgery i had the hardest time losing weight. In order for me to have the surgery i had to lose 10 pounds for my insurance. Even after being on a 1200 cal diet, cut out pop completely and working out for an hour 6 days a week i couldn't lose anything. It went on for 3 months straight. Finally after getting blood work to check my thyroid levels we figured out that i was on way to low of a dose for my medicine. A month after being on my new med I lost 8 pounds and then the next month i lost 9 more. I ended up having my sleeve surgery done October 13th and since surgery I've lost 32 pounds.

I have it. I have lost only about 46 lbs since surgery. 7/25/16

Had most of my thyroid removed in July 2015 had sleeve Feb 16 2016 lost 72lbs so far :)

I'm hypothyroid was 256 starting out 229 sw 175 's sleeved 12/29/15. I went off my thyroid meds for awhile been stalled 4 months started them back about a month ago hoping it helps

Had to do 6 months of supervised diet

Yes I had issues where I would fluctuate back n forth and found my thyroid were elevated had it checked again and nothing since been continuing to lose weight


Tmi but serious question. In three weeks I will be doing my very first ever mini triathlon. It will probably take me a good hour +. I have noticed that during my training, my tummy starts to hurt a little and I have to make a trip to the bathroom to do number 2s. It must be all the breathing? Anyone know the best foods to eat leading up to an event to prevent this or when to stop eating before an event? My race starts at 12mid day.


My husband runs ultra marathons and suffers every time with upset tummy, it's called Runners Trot, he's not had surgery but maybe this is what u are getting, the exercise just gets things moving if that makes sense, he always takes a Diacalm or similar before a run to keep things under control x

Start to log what you're eating/drinking. Sometimes people have issues if they eat too much fat or carbs or fiber the night before. Also what are you using for nutrition? I can handle Gu but Stingers give me a gutache.

Thanks guys! Yep I'm def going to log & see how my training goes over the next few weeks. I'm in New Zealand so I will see if the pharmacist has anything that helps