After bariatric surgery or other reasons is given a lot of weight, loss of elasticity of the skin and soft tissue, and due to the reduction of support under the various issues raised. These are;

• Sagging Fractures and deformity,

• Flattening and sagging Breasts,

• In addition to Abdominal and back area and sags,

• Low and flattening, pimples on buttocks

• Groin and upper leg deformities of the arm and regions.

Extreme weight loss followed by plastic surgery correction of corrupted zone with dangling and shape is possible.  Before you begin this type of surgery, you must have your weight loss process stopped in obesity plastic surgery. If, after corrective surgery to lose weight the new development of sagging and shape disorder is inevitable. After this operation, another to gain weight can lead to different problems.

These individuals are the main of the obesity plastic surgerycan be done in:

• Stretching of the abdominal, back and groin area,

• Breast lift,

• Arm stretching,

• The upper parts of the Legs (thighs) stress.

This surgery is done under general anesthesia, for the most part. The amount of cutting to be done, the amount of the tissue and flaccid doctor with a patient decide together will vary according to the method of surgery. Tracks, where the conditions are not seen as far as the curves of the body, an attempt is made to be left in the proper places. These operations are not possible to all of the same session. Obesity plastic surgeryare done correctly will be the order in which the patient and the surgeon decides together.

Abdomen, waist and legs are adjusted to the same external parts are usually session. This is typically lower-quadrant section; all fitting belt-style is made from an incision. Breasts can be corrected with a variety of methods and personalized sagging. The breast should be upright during the patient's own tissues can be used, can also be applied to breast implants. Overlooking the inner part of the body, the arm arms sags with the incision. Import and export weight again unless the results are permanent.

Obesity Plastic Surgery