Obesity clinic for the success of the operation is to pay attention on specific points when choosing and patient safety in terms of importance. Rest assured as if you want to be operated reliably and successfully both in the vital need to research the subject very well.

Obesity surgery today in a standard way laparoscopic (closed) method in obesity clinics. For this reason the surgeon surgery and laparoscopic surgery and obesity surgery will have to be very experienced. A surgeon experienced in dealing with any surgery how to tell whether, compared to what is evaluated? In the medical literature is defined as follows: a criterion of being a surgeon experienced surgery himself at least 100 times and is compatible with the surgery results world averages, means that surgeons experienced. Also related to the field, where the surgeon specialization which does scientific research for a particular surgery centers in the country or abroad and receive education which certifies which is a goner for sure with a lot of criteria, such as the certificates that you can choose.

You have chosen your doctor ... So what you're going to be having surgery in the hospital?

Every sector specialist doctors: Surgery, you decide to be in the hospital, the doctors and experts from each major branch of a minor must be professionals have been employed. Metabolic and Bariatric obesity surgery and specialized have international certificates in at least one general surgeon.

• Endocrinology Specialist

• Gastroenterology Specialist

• Dieticians and Diabetes Nurse

• Obesity Surgery experience with Anesthesia Professionals

• Intensive Care Specialist

• Cardiology Specialist

• Chest Disease Specialist

The results of the surgery have been good: postoperative data and operations by reviewing the success of the process after you have a clear idea of what will be possible. Complication rates before the examination of and decision making are important issues to be explored.

Hard Cases: morbidly obese, super morbidly obese or similar can be environment and condition for treatment of obesity hard case with enough technical team and equipped with obesity clinic, both successful, both in terms of providing a safe obesity operations. This way, at this point, it is necessary to evaluate with precision the obesity surgery before.

Obesity Clinic