Obesity (Morbid obesity and Obesity) when implemented alone diets or exercise programs can be controlled exactly. Morbid Obesity can be controlled with diet and exercise, is quite difficult to be maintained of the given weight. Aspect of obesity and surgery, diet I mean diet and exercise is not enough is the most effective treatment method in the treatment of morbid obesity. This method is the fastest and with the most persistent weight loss is able to provide.

Patients with morbid obesity with obesity surgery, diet changes perspectives. The sense of living in extreme is hunger due to morbid obesity patients with diet and exercise programs, foot at making up the difficulty. Bariatric Surgery, which, in whatever form, patients with morbid obesity this hunger-satiety allows to change the perception of it in its entirety. Pretty in their lives due to morbid obesity problems in patients, treatments with obesity and surgery, powerful weight and this effect can be protected with the most effective treatment for a long time they would have taken.

Obesity Surgery Methods

Obesity Surgery methods, classical is divided in some way. These are:

* Gastric Reduction Surgery

* Stomach-Small Intestine Bypass

Tube Stomach Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy) is the most common is the stomach reduction of obesity and surgery. In the last 5-10 years, gastric band method instead of the past. The problem with the majority of gastric band, Gastric surgery should not occur in the tube. Gastric band is a method that is implemented by using a foreign object. But it is not the case with gastric tube your surgery went smoothly. The stomach is removed a section by the outer longitudinal allows stomach collapsed. Extracted from the feeling of hunger hormone secreted in the stomach (Gherelin) secretion is quite reduced. For this reason, the hormonal effect of R-Y Gastric Bypass will be compared with the level of an effective weight loss happen. As a risk, the risk of stomach cut line leak. But thanks to the special tools that are applied to minimize this risk, is reduced.

Obesity and Surgery

Questions and Answers about Obesity and Surgery


How did everyone do after surgery with nausea an vomiting. I had surgery yesterday and can't a thing down. They have loaded me up on different types of meds but they aren't helping!!! How long did it last too?


This too shall pass

It was just a day for me. I started sipping hot peppermint and ginger tea the day after surgery and THIS really helped me.

I'm over a month out and still struggle with nausea. It's less and less.
Sorry love hope you feel better soon!

guys, the encouraging words help

I used peppermint and lavander essential oils for nausea. I couldn't keep oral meds or the clear protein drinks down for about the first day and a half.

Ask the nurses. They might have them there

The worst of it is almost over! I had it for 2 1/2 days

I didn't have any nausea or vomiting till just recently. Im a month out now and i just started dealing with vomiting and lots of nausea. Of course i can't fine my nausea meds now :(