Obesity is of great importance to the protection of the formation. Obesity prevention should begin in childhood. That occur in children and adolescence obesity, has been preparing the ground for the era of adulthood obesity. Obesity treatment, requiring the participation of an individual's determination and as active treatment required, offering a long and continuous process. There are many factors in the etiology of obesity to be effective, prevention and treatment of this disease is extremely difficult and complex. 

The methods that are used in the treatment of obesity can be grouped under 4 groups. These methods;

Medical Treatment

Medical Nutrition (diet) it should be noted that the individual-specific treatment. Originally designated targets, an individual can be the ideal weight should be, could be the ideal weight of a little over. The goal is to teach them the habit of eating right and maintaining this habit of the individual. The weight of the body paint should be according to the (BMI = 18.5 – 24.9 kg/m2) should be avoided and weight gain in obese weight loss again when it comes to the level of lost weight must be protected.

Exercise Therapy

The effect of obese weight loss on the exercise is still controversial, though, the physical activity reduces abdominal fat tissue and scour, is visible on a diet he sure prevent loss of muscle mass. Medical Nutrition therapy, exercise therapy and supportive individual’s weight gains prevent by weight loss and prevention of weight gain it again.

Pharmacological treatment

Will be used in the treatment of obesity medications are mild and moderate weight excess is not suitable for those individuals for obese weight loss. Of drugs used, health in terms of reliability to be determined, to show an appropriate effect, which cause obesity due short and in the long term, the lack of significant side effects and dependency does not and such drugs need to be used in the physician's recommendation and control is of paramount importance. 

Surgical treatment

Indications for diet in obesity surgery approach are basically divided into two. For this purpose, bypass, gastroplasty, gastric banding, gastric balloon and etc. are used. Reconstructive surgery is the goal; There have been localized in various regions of the body available is the removal of fatty tissue. This is an aesthetic treat weight and if the patient does not fulfill the requirements of the treatment of obesity, fat accumulation occurs again.

Obese Weight Loss