Heading into the stomach as a balloon full of the stomach by endoscopic set is based on eclipse. The process can be done with sedation. The gastric balloon is placed into the 400-700 cc is inflated. This application is Bmi (body mass index) can be performed in patients with 30 and over. The balloon is left up to a maximum of 6 months in the stomach. The first 1 week after application, stomach cramps, nausea, vomiting, and common gag sensation. Application of intra-stomach balloon, gastric reflux in pregnancy complaint, considering it's gastritis and ulcers in and aspirin-uses should not be applied in.

Gastric Band

This application is a method of surgical treatment with minimal side effects. Laparoscopic obese surgery method is placed on a band of silicone structure circumferentially in the mouth of the stomach. 

Tube Stomach Surgery

The most recent is a method of obese surgery treatment is applied. This method is taken to a part of the stomach in laparoscopic. In this way, the shape of a stomach tube and volume are reduced significantly. BMI is above 50 and is an effective method in patients. However, it tube stomach surgery in patients with between 30-50 implementation of BMI is debatable.

Tube stomach surgery during surgery and postoperative rate is between 4-7%. This is the most common cause of stomach contents and growth of the field of surgery, leak into the abdomen (peritonitis).

After the obese surgery the patient will have to be fed with liquid for a long time. By removing a small amount of food he ate bird is a problem frequently occurs.

In the absence of nutrients the stomach cannot be divided into smaller parts, and therefore new intestine large pieces. In this way, large food parts of the bowel are pulling their own water, which can cause diarrhea.

In addition, these patients are absorbed from the stomach and in the operation of the nervous system is an important B vitamin variants need take out.

Obese Surgery