Morbid obesity treatment surgery can be divided into two classic ways. These are stomach reduction and gastric-bypass of the small intestine. The most popular is the stomach reduction surgery. Today, gastric band has affect as 5-10 years. A large part of the problems specific to the gastric band, Gastric operation does not occur. Gastric banding stomach is as a foreign object. A longitudinal partition from an external source put into the stomach. Stomach run-out rate has been reduced to hunger hormone secreted sensation is Extracted. In this context depends on hormonal effects. RY Gastric Bypass Surgery of the stomach tube, effective weight loss will be compared with the level. There is a danger of leakage risk stomach dropped. However, you can mitigate the possibility of special tools that can be used with minimum risk.

Stomach Stapling Surgery

Stomach folding surgery, stomach tube surgery reduces the risk of leakage. The materials used in surgery of gastric tube applied to alleviate the burden of a reduction in the cost of the method.  After the operation, the setting of the stomach is hard. The stomach is a little too tight compared to a non-shrink their Stomach, with morbid obesity treatment surgery of the upper Tube. Weight loss surgery gastric tube may be less depending on the cause, that's why. Malnutrition and other problems on the wall of the stomach can be seen folding and Stomach surgery.

Gastric Band (Gastric Band):

It is commonly used in the United States, especially gastric band method. But rare long-term problems often can be seen. The goal is to shave off about the volume of the stomach is to reduce food entry. The stomach (gastrectomy) spread of operations due to the tube, in very rare cases a surgical method. Only gastric band operation continues to be practiced by the surgeon has done. In this way, at any time under this balloon with a needle inserted nucleus skin to increase or decrease can be reduced. Gastric band morbid obesity treatment and subcutaneous link has many problems, especially can cause infection mechanism. These problems can be a challenging and risky treatment. Is an application that requires lifelong monitoring and tuning. Monotonous is almost never used in practice.

Morbid Obesity Treatment