A single over 40, or body mass index reaches or 100 pounds or more overweight score when Obesity Action Coalition, severe or morbid obesity occurs; Individual diabetes or hypertension as well as some medical conditions if there are fewer than a BMI or weight also can qualify. When a person reaches the point of obesity morbid obesity is associated with the disease suffer from significantly increases the likelihood of him. It may be difficult to morbid obesity weight loss without surgery; try to morbidly obese individuals lose weight.

Diet and Nutrition

Lose weight through exercise and other daily activities every day consume fewer calories than you need to get. 3500 calories to lose a pound of fat is equal to deficit creation. Working with a morbidly obese individual doctors and nutrition without compromising its basic nutritional needs will increase the speed of morbid obesity weight loss without surgery, calories to put two types of restrictive diets. Low-calorie diets are a maximum of 2 pounds per week, resulting in the loss, dieter's body less, 500 to 1000 calories to reduce calorie intake each day burns attempt. The doctor also in some cases, you can try a very low-calorie diet; this diet includes only 400 to 800 calories a day and consists of a high-protein, low-fat liquid.


Exercise plays an important role in weight and shed off. Exercise prevents low caloric intake by slowing down the metabolism of body response and operations make it necessary for large scale without weight loss, as well as additional calorie burn. A morbidly obese individual creates his joints standing time obesity load limits her mobility, severe enough and, especially, however, may have difficulty exercising. 

Goals and Motivation

Non-surgical weight loss goals to determine the morbidly obese is essential for success. Both medium and easier to work towards common goals of intermediate destinations is easy to reach the right track big morbid obesity weight loss without surgery milestones in mobile, weight loss dreams. To achieve these goals, the morbidly obese can help people with family or friends and rewarding positive behavior of retaining a social support network, keeping a weight loss journal. 

Morbid Obesity Weight Loss without Surgery