Being overweight is more than being morbidly obese. In addition, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are more at risk of developing conditions such as means. Morbid obesity is usually 100 pounds or more over ideal body weight is defined as that. Height is a measurement of weight in proportion to its weight when you're 40, you're morbidly obese BMI is on top of the national heart, lung and Blood Institute, is considered to be a person who takes time and perseverance, morbidly obese but well worth the effort.

Phase 1

Reducing the daily calorie intake, eat less. Oil 1 pound to lose, you must eliminate diet 3500 calories. Just 500 calories a day, you can lose a pound a week. Losing 1 to 2 pounds a week, typically, healthy weight loss for help for morbid obesity considered; If you are morbidly obese, and that a healthy diet/exercise program to begin, however, may be more in the first few weeks of weight loss.

Phase 2

When you sit down to a meal, whole grains with a quarter of a quarter of a lean protein with a little more and a little less fill out half a plate, vegetables. -Fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products-and avoid full-fat ones. Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

Phase 3

Healthy fats found in olive oil, lean chicken, unsalted nuts and seeds with salt, fat saturated fat, found in animal products. Diet, Trans fats etc. help for morbid obesity that are found in processed foods, eliminate. If I know you're eating so read food labels.

Phase 4

Talk with your doctor about obesity surgery. In Chicago at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions 2010 presented a small study conducted by the Mayo Clinic and spent the morbidly obese bariatric surgery heart failure patients ' disease symptoms and quality of life has gained long-lasting improvements.

Phase 5

Exercise of most healthy adults, Health and Human Services Department as some adults, moderate physical activity as much as 300 minutes per week for the incident, said at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity a week or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity suggests for help for morbid obesity a week effectively lose or maintain weight loss. The major muscles groups includes aerobic activity and rhythmic. Moderate aerobic exercise brisk walking and swimming activities. Exercise sessions should last at least 10 minutes duration. Start slowly and be more fit to increase the length of the exercise session is not secure.

Help for Morbid Obesity