The abdominal cavity and skin accumulation of excess fat in the body, mainly in six is characterized by a health problem.  These are the most commonly used body mass index (BMI), a measurement of the weight of the person (Kg) and height (m) divided by the square of the account. 

BMI 30-40 persons with "Obese", between 40 and over are morbidly obese people. Morbid obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, endocrine disorders, skeletal system can cause problems and psychotic break situations and treatment is considered to be a serious illness needed to. That's why obesity is dangerous is an issue that must care before reaching the limits with the help of gastric bypass surgeon.

In the last couple of ten-years, as is the case in many of the world's advanced countries, in our country the number of morbidly obese patients, significant increases were observed, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this State as "Century Epidemic".

Multidisciplinary approach of many medical branches in the treatment of obesity by gastric bypass surgeon. Such an approach with diet and lifestyle is able to provide a certain amount of weight patients with edits. But the omission, or lose weight in a short period of time re weight gain is common. In such patients surgical option comes up.

Stomach-Bowel Bypass (Gastric Bypass): Laparoscopy technique has several of these operations that can be performed with type by gastric bypass surgeon. As a matter of principle above the stomach and creating a small pocket of food intake limitation section, this section shall be made between the small intestine with a lumen a division deactivated and nutrient absorption are also reduced. Mini Gastric Bypass, I am, like Pancreatic Diversion modifications are also available. The success of this operation on the weight loss of a stomach tube operation although the higher amount, depending on the nutrient elements absorption disorders lack useful table of hoist power and patients from time to time, vitamin and mineral supplements may be required.

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I had my surgery on September 14, 2016. I did good the first month, but the second month has been terrible. I have followed every thing the doctor has told me. I cannot eat anything. I can barely drink water. I am losing weight fast, but I am suffering so much. I spent the day yesterday in the emergency room getting fluids because I am so dehydrated. They did a X-ray on my stomach and Ct scan to make sure my sleeve was ok. The doctor said everything is normal with the sleeve. But I am constantly nauseated and the only thing that helps is phenergan. My question is: help, who else has had these symptoms and how long do they last.


That I am in high ketosis, losing weight fast. Thrown my body into shock, and it should get better in a few months. But I am so sick now.

Have them check your gallbladder. I had those symptoms and had to have mine removed.

I dropped 56lbs in the matter of 2 months. I had what I can only described as "foaming" which I would puke white frothy foam all the time. I live on Phenergan and trips to the infusion lab for IV fluids every 2 days with Zofran. Things got so bad that they had to put me on a new nausea med called Compazine. I was admitted to the hospital for 3 days because my BP would not come about 81/43. After 5 different xrays and 2 CT scans in the matter of a month and a half they could not find anything causing my symptoms. I wasn't allowed to take any vitamins for fear of GI upset so I had to deal with extreme fatigue and muscle cramps from Vit deficiency. My Dr promised me I would wake up one day and all my symptoms would be gone and he couldn't have been more right. I woke up on Tuesday 3 weeks ago feeling like I was in someone else's body. Haven't puked, foamed, taken a single one of the 6 different prescriptions they put me on, of had any nausea since that Monday. Keep your head up and push on because I can tell you while it looks dim right now, there is a light at the end of that tunnel and it is so worth it!!

All the drs were saying that the farm is caused from too much swelling inside the sleeve, while there are no actual blockages there can still be excess swelling. The only thing I can suggest is keep up with your level of dehydration, do not be afraid to call your Dr and ask for iv fluids at a clinic rather than making ER visits each time

I had the same experience it felt as if i was going to die !!! I started sukking on watermelon but do not swallow just the juice, water was terrible i could not handle it not even proteine shakes, make soup with real veggies no meat you can put it in for the strength but dont eat it and make sure it is thin and nice to take sips on. Hang in there it will passes. You will not pick that weight up againe. You can try Powerade drinks as well but just sips at a time. Try to sleep that helped me. Best of luck to you.

Angelica Zuniga I was sleeved on 6/27. I did really well right after surgery, up until Mid July i started getting really nauseated, couldnt keep any food, water or anything down. I kept throwing up like big foam bubbles with acid and sometimes bile. I was hospitalized a handful of times due to severe dehydration and for being severely malnourished. I had an EGD done and it turned out that I had a kink in my sleeve causing all these issues. They inserted a balloon to expand my sleeve and straighten out the kink. After 2 days I got worse and had to have a feeding tube placed and had to use it for about a month. I would ask your surgeon to do an EGD and to make sure your sleeve is healing properly. I was prescribed every nausea medicine out there and nothing was working at the time. I use protonix once in a while and that seems to help with acid reflux and the nausea feeling too. Stay strong, and dont be afraid to request further testing.

Karrie Sedor That happened to me for awhile, just slowly try foods and keep drinking water, find flavor you like. It took a bit but you will adjust. I'm 15 months out and finally everything is normal again.

Debbie Ita I had the same experience but it seemed by the 4th week out as I was now eating soft foods I tried to eat 4 little 2 oz meals a day and sipped liquid the rest of the time the nausea has since gone away almost completely. I get nauseous now when my body needs to eat. I too had 2 ER visits dehydration and low potassium as well. Hang in there it will get better. I think we are going to have our good and bad days but I believe its just the body getting used to the new tool, wishing you luck

SandeeDee Villacres try to drink 1 once every 10 or 15 minutes

Lauretta Lewis-Matthews Been there My first two month was rough. Ask your doctor for your stomach. It help me to get fluids down

Tammy Giddens This is exactly me Judy! Great the first month and now nauseous before I eat and during and after. 5 was lost 30 pounds. I have an ultrasound soon. Hope it is just the ketones. This gives me something to ask about if not maybe my sleeve is kinked. Thanks for the post! Read this

Judy Craddock-Barker Thank you so much. Now I know I am not dying. Seriously.

Tammy Giddens Judy Craddock-Barker that was what I thought!!

Sharon Hazelbaker Risner Tammy, you are able to keep food down now correct? And does water even make you sick?

Tammy Giddens Yes even water not getting my 64 a day. More like 30-40. Not vomiting but so want to

Sharon Hazelbaker Risner Sorry friend. I pray this lets up soon. I don't want to see you have to go to the hospital for dehydration. Prayers love.