Gastric bypass surgery for obesity surgery in the world at the beginning of the surgery most commonly applied. This surgery is basically two mechanisms to people with weight loss by gastric bypass doctors. In surgery, a small stomach volume is being created, however small the stomach then made a connection with the nutrients from the small intestine large intestine to bypass the stomach works the passing of.

Because of the small stomachs are both less patients received food from food in the intestines are also disrupted for less absorption of calories. Eat less and be less absorption causes weight loss in people.

A large part of the stomach in gastric bypass surgery bypass and small volume (about 30-50 cc) Department of a stomach is sewn into the small intestine. This surgery, as in the case of other obesity surgery stomach volume reduction as well as a portion of the intestines by disabling some of the food that is consumed is aimed to be absorbed. Thus, patients with less food and feed, as well as a portion of their food are absorbed.

Other obesity surgeries by gastric bypass doctorsalso usually are done by laparoscopic way. By entering the small incisions into the abdominal area surgery is performed. Thus, the patient will be able to develop a possible wound infection after surgery and hernia would be largely protected from such risks. Gastric bypass surgeries for robotic surgery method.

After the Period of Surgery

After surgery, patients receiving small amounts of food can easily feel the saturation, and after a while it becomes a loss of appetite, satiety. Total food intake is significantly reduced with the help of gastric bypass doctors. The newly created stomach has shrunk and diminished to the size of food depending on the absorption of essential vitamins and minerals support for the use of the instructions of the surgeon and dietitian must be monitored. So patients can lose weight without the loss of vitamins and minerals. Patients are sent home for three or four days after the surgery.

Gastric Bypass Doctors