Gastric bypass procedures, form of excessive accumulation of fat tissue in the body, excess weight and leading to serious health problems of morbid obesity is used to treat a group of similar operations. Gastric bypass doctor for morbid obesity, but not all other treatment is a general term that encompasses.

The upper part of the stomach as a small gastric bypass the first and wider, "remnant" is divided into a large child. Gastric bypass surgery is indicated for the treatment of morbid obesity. This diagnosis, the patient is severely overweight, despite the efforts of all the diet could not obtain a satisfactory and lasting weight loss and reduce the quality of life or life-threatening diseases if discovered. his followers

In the past, at least 45 of the ideal weight is considered to be in serious condition over obesity. Ideal weight is life insurance sector makes it possible to weight the maximum lifetime set. These criteria would fail for short patients with the help of gastric bypass doctor. in 1991, the UNITED STATES National Institute of health consensus panel sponsored by the surgical treatment of intercompany physicians collected used to evaluate today's standard body mass index (BMI). BMI of body weight divided by the square of the neck in meters. The result is a figure between 20 and 70.

Gastric bypass, so far the largest majority of Bariatric Surgery applied to applications. In the United States in 2005, when applied to 140,000 operation predicted. Today, as increasing proportions of these operations are applied laparoscopic.

Laparoscopic surgery is performed by a large number of small incision is made. This incision is placed in the port are used to reach your wife of hand tools. One of them is a video camera that connects to a surgical telescope and others is to get specialized surgery instruments. Surgery operation by gastric bypass doctor on a video monitor. This method also restricts to feel and touch and texture of a two-dimensional video image with the "limited Access" to work is also referred to as restricted access surgery.

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