Free gastric bypass surgery can be difficult to come up with, but it is possible. And due to obesity surgery, Bariatric Surgery: free or discounted cost of proven positive health effects may become more available as time goes on. It is not closed and if you have a chance to get added to the plan.

Weight Loss Surgery Grants

Surgical treatment of grants funded all or part of the costs of the surgery, but helps those who can't afford it. Currently, the only available special grants for free gastric bypass.

Weight Loss surgery American Foundation (WLSFA)

WLSFA weight loss surgery helps us to achieve or to people who need reconstructive plastic surgery after weight loss, grant funds. Grant recipients back to WLSFA by donating time and resources to work toward helping others.

In order to be taken into consideration for the donated three WLSFA you must meet the requirements:

1. Free gastric bypass surgery must be approved for reconstructive surgery.

2. No insurance, insurance carrier denied coverage or costs for surgery by the covers should be no insurance

3. be willing to be a part of the grant process and be willing to help raise 10% of funds

If the federal poverty level within a certain range and a hospital in your area, insurance, weight loss surgery may be able to qualify for charity care. For example, some hospitals three times the federal poverty level home provides free medical care to low-income people.

In addition to the income requirements, the hospital's charity care is repatriation costs where medically necessary (not cosmetic) requires surgery.

If appropriate, to determine whether, generally evidence of income and other personal information can include financial need to complete the application. In addition, the hospital is probably referring to the doctor to be part of his staff.

If you choose to explore this route, keep in mind the referring physician may not have up-to-date bariatric surgery may take some convincing of the benefits and. If you are reluctant to refer to your doctors are following studies with them.

Free Gastric Bypass

Questions and Answers about Free Gastric Bypass


Guys I need direction from this group. I cancelled my appointment twice to get started for the classes prior to surgery. I'll be honest, I'm scared. Can you guys let me know what your experience was like? Pain level, water intake, down time etc. I want to do it, but I'm terrified


It is scary.

but i have not met ANYONE yet who has not said it was the best desicion of thier life.

I'm sure everyone is scared. My concern is my water intake because I love water. Its only will drink lots of water after.

I'm 2 days post op. The pain was less than I expected. I'm planning on taking another week before I go back to work but I probably could go earlier if I needed.

Most of all I need it