Feline obesity is typically 20 percent or more on the weight of the body examined as normal weight-the domestic cat is the most common nutritional disorder. His clinical findings and observed, should be addressed without delay and to be taken seriously is clearly visible.

In itself, a cat for normal physical activity obesity is definitely a passion will compromise the quality of life and not necessarily inhibit. Significant overweight also increase many serious ailments. The potential erosion of the cartilage between the conditions aggravated by overweight, suffer from rubbing directly against each other, protecting the ends of the bones in the joints is characterized by smooth tissue has osteoarthritis; Hip Dysplasia, a cat femur, the femoral head animal into an electrical outlet at the lower end of the femur does not fit properly is a genetic inheritance and desperate malformation; and diabetes mellitus, inadequate production or blood sugar regulating hormone insulin, which is needed to reply is a disease caused by. Excess weight, a cat will place an additional load on the heart and vascular system and Cardiovascular Health since obesity might be corrupted.

A cat's weight to assess the status, indicating that some vets animal ideal weight 4.5 to 5 points score, nine-point scoring system. 9 points, an emaciated, severely overweight cat 6.5 or 7 on a score will be classified as overweight any cat 1. The score will have to note that if a cat means that the grossly feline obesity and it would be a score of 8 or above Animals seriously overweight or obese.

A major factor responsible for feline obesity, according to cat dry food bowls throughout the day is available for consumption with a cat is the practice of "nutrition". Accordingly, use is usually high in protein and low-carb food, canned crushed pieces of content. Since 90 percent of the water in canned foods, which will improve the cat’s fluid intake?  That's a serious health problem such as liver, development is at risk. What you want to aim for a gradual weight loss, once a week, maybe one or two percent of body weight is lost. I was always a cat owner to monitor the weight of plump pussy baby scale, we recommend that you purchase. 

Feline Obesity