Extreme obesity is also known as morbid obesity among the population, the amount of fat stored in the body as having more than enough. People, metabolism and physical activity, the amount of energy spent more with more fat stores in the body, the amount of this oil is collected and only over time gives rise to obesity. Obesity is a person's weight in comparison with the size of the expected weight of 20% more. If a person is 60% more than expected to weight ratio that morbid obesity and as a result can cause serious physical and psychological problems.

Extreme obesity is to prevent it happening with height in the understanding that weight is an indicator of the ratio to each other. ' Body Mass Index ' (Body Mass Index) this rates have teamed up with the weight ' kilogram ' units and weight divided by the square of the value obtained as a result of the whole obesity (body fat) gives us information about the topic. This value is higher than 25 overweight, higher than 30 is obese.

Extreme Obesity Is Associated With Diseases

Extreme obese condition is associated with this disease include; coronary artery disease, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, gallstones, osteoarthritis, and some cancers such as breast and colon cancer, cerebral vascular attack, sleep apnea, syndrome, respiratory disorders, gastroözafagial reflux, depression, infertility, urinary incontinence and polycystic ovary.

Increasing the risk of other diseases in morbidly obese persons is as follows;

• Depending on the disease, mark!

• Cancer,

• Diabetes,

• Respiratory problems,

• Skeletal and muscular system diseases

Extreme obesity is epidemics in the world in the form of a growing incidence of multifactorial disease. The world's most important health care issue has become one of the quality of life and the amount of time that adversely affects this has many developed treatment against the disease.

Treatment of morbid obesity diet and exercise program, it is suggested the possible psychological reasons along with psychotherapy. If the person is gaining weight due to excessive eating binge eating is likely to be the psychological source is very high. Overload can cause physical ailments such as sugar to eat, too.

Extreme Obesity