The abdominal cavity and subcutaneous accumulation of excess fat in the body is mainly characterized by a health problem. These are the most commonly used body mass index (BMI), a measurement of the weight of the person (Kg) and height (m) divided by the square of the account.

BMI 30-40 persons with "Obese", between 40 and over are considered morbid obesity.  Morbid obesity problems and situations and treatment is considered to be a serious illness needed to. That's why obesity preventing the need before they reach dangerous limits.

In the last couple of ten-years, as is the case in many of the world's advanced countries, in our country the number of morbidly obese patients, significant increases were observed, the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared this State as "Century Epidemic".

Multidisciplinary approach of many medical branches occurs in the treatment of obesity with bariatric treatment. Such an approach with diet and lifestyle is able to provide a certain amount of weight patients with edits. But the omission, or lose weight in a short period of time re weight gain is common. In such patients surgical option comes up.

BMI 40 or 35-40 people or BMI over while connected to obesity among Pro can be applied to patients with surgical bariatric treatmentof diseases.  Surgical methods are logically "food intake the absorption of Nutrients," restrictive "reduction" as a result of a combination of them. Here the successful and widely applied 3 surgical method will be talking about:

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Laparoscopic operation of the stomach around a band of silicone is the process of placing. This apparatus, liquid through a tank positioned under skin is injected to inflate and compress your hourglass shape the stomach when food intake.

Tube in the Stomach (Gastrectomy)

Laparoscopic operation will provide the continuity of the esophagus and stomach tube-shaped part of the body of the stomach, while maintaining a large part of the removal process. Manages gastric capacity and appetite hormone responsible for emitting sections were removed because food intake is bounded on.

Stomach-Bowel Bypass (Gastric Bypass)

Laparoscopy technique has several of these bariatric treatment operations that can be performed with type. As a matter of principle above the stomach and creating a small pocket of food intake limitation section, this section shall be made between the small intestine with a lumen a division deactivated and nutrient absorption are also reduced. Mini Gastric Bypass, I am, like Pancreatic Diversion modifications are also available.

Bariatric Treatment

Questions and Answers about Bariatric Treatment

Q: Im 26 years old, i have PCOS, my BMI is 41.. will illinois medicaid cover the surgery?

A: I'm close to the Illinois boarder and I have a form of medicaid, a anthem HIP 2.0 And it took care of everything for me, it only took a week to get my approval.