Overweight patients lose weight bariatric surgery to surgical intervention Applied to inflicted or Hallows part I of surgery is called. These methods show A part of the stomach or intestine, actually means that you are either on the basis of the developed cancer ulcer surgery. After surgery, patients undergoing these operations rapid weight loss in the treatment of morbid obesity bariatric surgeon procedures led to the development of the idea of using.

The principle of operation of Bariatric Surgery in the last Grade is simple. Bariatric surgeon your digestive System (stomach and/or small intestine and) you can eat in one sitting by changing reduces the amount of healthy food. In doing so, you get the feeling of satiation is provided with a sustainable diet.

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery is Successful in many patients. TYPICAL success rates Average 45%-75% For gastric bypass, gastroplasty For is around 40-60%. His case, Bariatric Surgery success rates is much more full of methods and bariatric surgeon. This rate is the patient's participation in the support group visit to adapt, depending on further increases. Nevertheless, bariatric surgery patients can also fail in the considerable part.

As a result, a significant percentage of these patients less compliant Group of surgery begins to gain weight again after 2-5 years. This especially applies For gastric banding Gastric stapling surgeries. However, it is good to motivate by bariatric surgeon, support for postoperative patients of Appropriate, meaningful visit to permanent weight loss. Bariatric Surgery mortality rates are significantly reducing the impact of diseases in the visiting supporters. In addition, a large number of patients gain health. For example, 50% of patients can develop hypertension, cholesterol and other blood fats in visibly Especially associated with gastroesophageal reflux disease, Which significantly reduced asthma attacks. Bariatric Surgery ALSO lower back pain, arthritis, heartburn (burning in the chest wall), urinary incontinence in venous diseases also smoothes out.

What Are The Risks Of Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric Surgery, like All other serious surgical procedures carry certain Risks. Standard risk factor are the patient's general health status, surgeons experience, surgery room, Landscape Architecture is the experience of the anesthesiologist. Beyond that, Applied according to the type of operations that was added to the changing risks.

Bariatric Surgeon