Obesity is a disease that is more complex than you might think. A number of factors can lead to excessive weight gain-and makes it hard for an individual's ability to lose weight. Physical activity and nutritional counseling, accompanied by a doctor, the program often is effective. Weight loss, traditional approaches are not sufficient, however, that the Union can help Obesity Program.

In General, the weight loss procedures with the aspect of bariatric program for obesity treatment, limiting the intake of nutrients through malabsorption or both and can change the digestive process. Over the last decade, the results of weight loss procedures to improve constantly and to minimize the risks have been refined.

Commitment to regular exercise and diet wise choices weight loss surgery is very important to the long-term success of the post. Many chronic health conditions in obesity surgery and as a result of ongoing changes in lifestyle can be controlled. However, surgical weight loss procedures including current medical interventions should not be considered medical treatments. These are excess weight and obesity serious medical, physical, emotional and social effects of attempts to reduce.

If you could be a candidate for Bariatric Surgery:

• A 40 or more body mass index (BMI)-about 100 pounds overweight for men or for women £ 80 overweight.


• 35 and 39.9 and type 2 diabetes, heart disease or severe sleep apnea a serious obesity-related health problems include a BMI.

Bariatric programand is a collaboration between the University of Maryland Harford Memorial Hospital. Pre surgery and post-operative care Union Hospital is processed, so it could be close to home as possible. The bariatric program is a multi-disciplinary approach to Successful weight loss. As a team of surgeons, nurse coordinator, registered dietitian, a specialist in exercise and behavior therapist job, meet the needs of each individual patient and to provide the highest quality of care.

Bariatric Program