First of all bariatric surgeries were recalling the words of laparoscopic interventions must begin. Therefore, on the evening of the same day patients with stand and normally 2 to 3 days later they will be discharged. Job and return early, large forces of Transection of abdomen not as the same as all the advantages of bariatric surgery.

After surgery pain is minimal. All laparoscopic surgeries globular cluster shoulder aches after 1-2 days at the passes by itself and can be easily control with simple pain relievers with bariatric patients. In the first days after surgery when food intake patients may feel a shaker chest pain by clicking to get food but when they find out to take liquid food of this serious problem.

Bariatric patients need some special diet alone applications tube stomach and gastric-bypass surgery should be absolute. Even the simple exercise such as walking after surgery programs must be continued.

Do Patients Have to Diet and Exercise after Surgery?

Need tube in the stomach and gastric bypass in the early phase of the weight after expectations of ever is not possible. In the first year after surgery, all patients must give around 20-60 kilos. Therefore, obesity surgery to our patients with other methods have subdued any weight, in fact will be a miraculous door opened brand new and only then will be completely finished work certainly should not be considered. 

After the surgery the appetite is almost completely eliminated and tiny bite, even with a serious sense of saturation would occur. In this context, considering the obesity surgery philosophical context "eating less" we can think of as a provisioning method. Therefore, bariatric patients with surgery when we restructure the upper digestive system can be adapted to the new work scheme of easier, in the long term, some vital protein, mineral and vitamin deficiencies, making life and most importantly the weight again not that records must meet to be a diet, of course.

A gastric bypass surgery is especially after some minerals and vitamins (calcium, folic acid, D and B vitamins) due to insufficient absorption disorder in question so that no extra as you may need to last a lifetime and it.

Bariatric Patients