Obesity; the reduction of physical activity, low energy density of high nutritive value of foods, sugary carbonated beverages, fast-food-style foods, sugar and fat rates are higher with high proportions consumption of packaged products, etc. as a result of life-threatening disease. 

Body mass index (BMI) is greater than 40 or more than 35 on whether obesity linked to diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, sleep apnea, such as Pro can be applied to individuals that host the diseases of obesity surgery. Age limit, according to the State of the person assessed; but the general outline can be thought of in the range of 17 and 70 years of age.

Bariatric centers for obesity,  surgeon, nurse, dietitian, psychologist and physiotherapist etc. units contains a team work. The entire patient before the operation and in consultation with the volumes, their approval before the operation-information about and to do after these evaluations as a result of the implementation of the right patient, the right method is very important.

In restrictive Bariatric Surgery in bariatric centers, disrupting both restrictive and disruptive or absorption method are used. In the period after the operation in restrictive method people over a long period of time can consume a meal. There is a lot of vitamin mineral deficiency in the destructive method of absorption experienced, patient, maybe a lifetime nutritional supplementation is forced to use. This decline in food consumption, energy intake, or taking advantage of the body the nutrients consumed a fast weight loss naturally prevent results in the form of. This rapid weight loss can lead to sagging and deformation of the body.

Bariatric centers for people that refer mainly to lose weight, and it's very easy to go through the process that would be thought of after surgery. Weight loss is negative experiences than before about the nutritional recommendations of dieticians do not want to hear. People sense to weaken by eating whatever you want. It is necessary to educate patients about it very well. A candidate for bariatric surgery patient’s research made from operation minimum 6 months ago Dietitians weight loss programs start of considerable success in combating obesity increases.

Bariatric Centers